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Fighter tryouts in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan open for registration now!




All interested athletes must attend the event with a trainer/pad holder and a grappling partner.

Items for athletes to bring to try-outs:

• Gloves (Boxing and/or MMA)

• Mouth guard

• Groin guard

• Grappling attire

*Muay Thai pads and focus mitts will be provided for athletes and trainers to use, however athletes and trainers may bring their usual training equipment if desired.



Athletes will perform in front of a panel of ONE Championship and MMA experts and be assessed on the following:

1. Pad work – striking Muay Thai pads with your coach/trainer for three minutes.

Immediately following pad work the athlete will move on to the next assessed criteria.

2. Takedowns – demonstrate a variety of effective takedowns with your grappling partner for 1 minute.

Immediately following the takedown portion the athlete will demonstrate their grappling with their partner.

3. Grappling – demonstrate effective grappling techniques including, but not limited to; passing guard, improving position, submissions, sweeps and getting back to your feet, for three minutes.

The final portion will be a 2-minute section where the panel will ask you to perform certain manoeuvres (standing or grounded).

Total allocated time for each athlete will be 10 minutes in front of the ONE Championship panel.

Athletes will only be permitted to leave the try-outs after they have performed for the panel and also completed a short video interview with ONE Championship production team.


Send your information to Loren Mack at l.mack@onefc.com  to confirm your attendance at the Tryouts.


Production Video Shoot

Athletes will be asked a few questions about themselves, which may include their MMA background/story, their inspiration and aspirations and some other personal history that may set them apart from the crowd.


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