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M-1 fighter Antun Racic: I am here to take over this division

Antun “Killer” Racic (18-6) talks in interview about his upcoming fight at M-1 Bantamweight tournament semi-final that is set for M-1 Challenge 64 event


It’s been a long time since your last fight in M-1. Tell us what happened in your life since your last fight in M-1?

My life consists of training and fighting so nothing significant has changed. This is my life calling, I continuously train and I’m focused to always be 100% ready.

You know Russian fans would like to know you better – what can you tell them about how you decided to become a MMA fighter?

Since my 5th year I am active in the martial arts. I live in Dubrovnik. It is a world famous tourist destination and one of the most beautiful cities in the world in general. At that time there was still no MMA in Dubrovnik. Maro Perak, my trainer and friend, founded the first MMA club in this area and he invited me to train with him. Since then, I love this sport and I train constantly in the Gladiator team.

Had you fight at school and when you were a teenager?

All my life I am an athlete and so I act accordingly. I love fighting, but only in the ring and cage.

You’d visited Russia for couple of occasions by now, so what did you like most of all in our country?

I especially like the relationship and support toward the athletes and fighters. I’ve fought all over the world, but so far I felt greatest support of fans here in Russia. Russia is a beautiful country just like my homeland Croatia. Language is also similar. Fighting mentality is one of the things that we have in common.

How do you prepare for your nearest opponent – Vitaliy Branchuk?

I know his style of fighting. He is striker so I’m ready to fight in the stand-up as well as in all other segments of the fight. I will take any opportunity that comes up. It doesn’t matter whether is it KO or submission. Preparations are going great, I have no injuries, I train with a dozen different sparring partners under the leadership of Maro and Kristijan Perak.

Do you think you have a decent chances to become the 1st ever M-1 Bantamweight champion?

This belt is mine. I am here to take over this division.

What fans should expect from your fight at M-1 Challenge 64 on February 19th?

Fans can expect “The Killer” at it’s best. It will be very attractive fight. Vitaly will face the toughest fight of his


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