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Match.tv journalist about Shlemenko vs Vasilevsky and Smoldarev vs Volkov fights

Match TV reporter’s assessment of main M-1 Challenge 64 fights Alexander Lyutikov of Match TV channel shares his analysis of the upcoming clashes Alexander Shlemenko – Vyacheslav Vasilevsky and Denis Smoldarev – Alexander Volkov.

Shlemenko – Vasilevsky
First let’s attend to the numbers. Let’s take a look at the last 2 years.
Vasilevsky. Fights: 5, victories: 4, total time time spent: 43:01
Shlemenko. Fights: 5, victories: 3, total time spent: 28:49

The numbers are relatively similar.

Of course, Storm has a one year-long layoff. For instance, during the
same period of time when Vasylevsky was taking on Kristijan Perak at
October M-1 Challenge event, Alexander admitted to having barely
trained since he was having various master classes and starring in a
movie. One has to count it to the advantage of Vasilevsky.

However I still see Shlemenko winning this one. His strongest side is
that he is always determined to go through anything. There was an
episode when he refused to cancel a fight although having both hands
broken. One more argument: Shlemenko has been training himself for
about 9 years in a row. One can see it as a drawback. In 2014 he
ventured into raw food diet and there was no one with critical state
of mind who would keep him from such an experiment.
Anyway, Shlemenko as a coach led himself to two Bellator Grand Prix
victories and eventually to the championship belt. Under his tutelage
Andrey Koreshkov did exactly the same.
Shlemenko knows his own body strengths. He‘s known to prepare the
training process diligently. There is nothing redundant in his
training regimen, the very essential is the only thing that is left.
You need to take into account that as of today Shlemenko is by far the
best MMA coach with empirical knowledge.

Smoldarev – Volkov

Speaking of giants here. Both are 6’7 (2.00 cm) but Smoldarev is
approximately 30 pounds (15 kg) heavier. Denis is known to pay much
attention to endurance training.
These input data are to the disadvantage of Alexander.

The key question here being how did Volkov spend the previous
half-year. His last two losses in a row (in april and june of 2015)
were virtually identical. Mediocre wrestlers in Tony Johnson and
Cheick Kongo followed the same pattern taking Drago to the ground and
keeping him there as long as possible to earn a boring but safe and
unquestionable win by judges’ decision.
Volkov added a giant feather to his cap after choking out world class
sambist in Blagoi Ivanov. But Smoldarev is 20 cm taller and 10 kg
heavier than Ivanov.

If Alexander wins this bout I’ll be surprised in a positive way. If I
have to put my money, I’ll bet on Smoldarev though. Smoldarev has an
ace up his sleeve: he’s relatively new to the MMA scene, he’s a puzzle
that is yet to be resolved whereas Volkov‘s weak points have been
quite well-known for a while.

Everyone believes Smoldarev is a basic wrestler but I’m sure he can
make Volkov run for his money in the stand-up, too. We all know how
fast a wrestler evolves into a striker.

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