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Stephan Puetz: I love Russia and I want to become Russian citizen

M-1 ex-champ Stephan “T-800″ Puetz explains why he wants to become a part of Russian society and how the ability to swear in three languages will help him to do this.

- Stephan, MMA fans know you as Terminator “T-800″, so the question is which type of girls do Terminators prefer?

- As the relations between humans and machines is strictly prohibited, I’m interested mostly in women-cyborgs, having the same qualities as me: power, loyalty an willingness to fight.

- Why you came to M-1 Challenge 63 weigh-in without the machine oil can?

- I decided to put on my leather jacket and glasses, as for machine oil – I got it in earlier.

- Oil prices are down right now, but in Russia the fuel prices are still high. What’s the situation in Germany?

- We have pretty expensive fuel in Germany, but it’s of a top-notch quality. It fits me, in total.

– Before your fight with Viktor Nemkov you said about changing your citizenship. Why?

- I just love Russia and I want to become Russian citizen.

- Are you kidding me?

- No, why? I seriously want to have Russian passport.

- You should know that you’ll have to learn Russian language as there’s almost nobody talks English in our country.

- It’s not a problem for me! I will begin to learn Russian and will be able to speak it with time.

- Do you know anything in Russian for now? Usually foreigners learn Russia obscenities at first. 

- Sure I know! I can swear in three languages of the Worl – I just adore obscenities! What can I show you in Russian? Ok, listen to this (starts tirade of Russian swearing from about 10 words).

- Well, that’s impressive. Tell us about German MMA fans – are they different from Russian ones?

- I really love Russian fans – they always show respect, no matter won you or lost. As for Germany, MMA isn’t most popular kind of sport in our country. Germans prefer football more than mixfight.

- Do Germans invade the ring-side during MMA fights?

- No, that’s impossible. They can do this only at football match.

- But we in Russia can have this sin.

- Most of the time, Russians run to the ring ue to their positive emotions, to share them with the winner. Well, I watched one situation in some small promotion once, but it was an exclusion.

- What are your plans on the nearest future?

- I have 2 fights left on my M-1 contract. But I can’t say what will happen then. I feel myself comfortable in M-1, but fighter’s career is unpreictable. One injury can cut you off for a long time. Well, I wouldn’t like to make a long-time predictions.
Author: Dmitriy Remizov

Source (original rus) http://www.sovsport.ru/gazeta/article-item/871210


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