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Kazakhstan MMA Federation president: Overconfidence in stand-up failed Morozov


I believe it was the most exciting fight of the night. Everyone was
talking about that bout – fans, audience in attendance, those watching
it live on TV. Eventually it was indeed declared as the most exciting
one together with the ShlemenkoVasilevsky clash in the main event.
Everything went well for Sergey but what’s happened is that Sergey got
caught in the first round. Sergey is so tough, he was able to recover.
He showed determination and willingness to keep fighting no matter
what. Both guys showed an extremely exciting fight and Vitruk
expressed his respect and gratitude for that towards Morozov. Such a
fight could easily headline any major event. As it was a featherweight
Grand Prix semifinal fight I believe they would’ve better met in the
finals but it is what it is. I believe Vitruk will take the belt now.

– What’s next for Sergey?
– Sergey will keep fighting. He’s on the contract with M-1. I think
he’ll fight at least 3 more times this year. Then we’ll see. I’m sure
he’ll become a contender soon and then a rematch will occur.

– Did you expect the outcome of the fight?
– We expected anything, even a knockout. Vitruk is extremely dangerous.

– Is Vitruk the most difficult opponent for Morozov to date?
– There were some really hard opponents in the World MMA Championship
finals in the past (WMMAA held amateur events). But under professional
MMA rules it was by far the toughest rival, if you ask me. That’s how
champions evolve. I believe Morozov got priceless experience that
he’ll utilize in the future.

– What is the main reason of Morozov’s loss?
– I think he lacked experience of this level of competition. He’s
never been in such sort of an all-out brawl. Normally he was always
superior to any opponent in striking aspect. Maybe he felt too
confident because of that and he paid for it. He should have wrestled
more, should have taken him down.
But Sergey felt he was invisible in the stand up and we saw what
happened. Vitruk couldn’t land a punch during the majority of the
opening round. He managed to achieve it in the end of the round one.
There is always a room for improvement. You need to train more and
better. During the fight Sergey made a mistake, he should not have
stood up. He showed determination and kept rumbling whereas he pay
more attention to wrestling.
He undoubtedly won the second stanza but failed to retain the
superiority in the final round. Vitruk is tough. He managed to grip
the last chance and win.

– Did it upset Sergey?
– Yes it did. He was going for the victory. We all believed he would
win. But MMA is so unpredictable. He realizes that, too. He needs to
keep training and evolving. He’s not giving up. He wants to achieve
the goals he set and the goal is to conquer the championship belt.
Even after the fight he lost he was trying to cheer us all up. He was
supporting us, not other way around, can you imagine? His sense of
humor is always there. When we were sitting their with heads in our
hands and he was holding ice against his head – by the way he got that
ice from Vitruk after the fight – Sergey looked at us and broke the
silence „Bastards, these judges robbed me!“. Everyone could not help
but laugh.



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